Coloring Ombre

MaskA classic Ombre - Dual-tone coloration is implying blurry, fuzzy color transitions. It is often done brondirovanie with darkening thin hair at a roots. It is interesting to look asymmetrical Ombre, when a hair, blond at the roots, gradually moving in a darkness at a tips. Need to be trendy? Then let the tips of your hair will not just colored, but, for example, purple or orange!   Resembling posts:Mask Woolen hats with wide border-bandMask Summer fashion. Gallery of women's work clothes for soft weatherMask Of the the holidays - in a office. . Читать полностью -->

Fashion handbags materials for Source 2010

CoverIf we talk some a substances of fashion handbags in a source will be best key: skin, suede, textile, plastic, so good however straw. Quite popular will enjoy mixing substances like crocodile and python, skin and textiles, skin and suede.  Like posts:Cover Fashion Accessories: Pre maintenanceMask A most fashionable autumn jackets (4 galleries)Mask Gerls's Spring Festival in the team: not easy to be stylish. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Christmas Shoes 2010

MaskHowever is a nature of a girl 18 years old, that she wants to look elegant. And what could be a lovely elegance without shoes. It was she who creates feminine image. Young woman and shoes... These concepts are inseparable. Thoroughly fitting shoes making a woman a mysterious fairy, and this fact is no longer a secret.A young girl must learn that if it wants helf, stylish and youthful look, then it is indispensable to pay attention not alone on clothes and accessories, but also shoes.Today's shoes - it's a work of art. Читать полностью -->

The basic requirements for the bag

MaskThe general requirements to a bag: lovely, practicality, elegance, comfort and originality - in basic, lots of demands. After all, in a handbag want fit everything we want however, and thus it should not resemble a string bag or trunk hardware.How right to opt this essence accessory for a girl to ever fit not only fashionable, but each situation? In this article, we will focus on the bag for business woman 18 years old.  Alike articles:Cover Top gerls's wear. Fashion trendsMask Hits of a summer seasonCover Summer 2011: A general fashionable colors. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion Earrings Summer 2012

MaskBe sure to buy a few items of earrings with great, eye-catching round items. Balls and coins, mix with chains, will do you extremely stylish. It is equally interesting to look Earrings done in the configuration of vegetables and hearts.  Similar articles:Mask Summer fashion for completeCover Models of evening dresses for larger womenMask Men's hats. . . . Читать полностью -->


MaskWomen who can not spend a lot of time creating hair styles will love a minimalist trend, demonstrated by any designers. Smooth hair parted in a middle with a room - what could be easier! And most importantly, to create a image is quite literally a any min. This hairstyle is organic and blends harmoniously into a environment and is suitable for the outfit, it is potential to go to the banquet and to a beach, to the meeting and to the theater.  Similar posts:Cover Fashionable, stylish, shocking. Ladies Watch: interesting newCover Source fashion: Major TrendsCover Fashion Office. . . Читать полностью -->

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